Endpoint Antivirus

BitDefender’s GravityZone is a robust next-gen antivirus, known as NGAV. GravityZone is an easy-to-use “security-as-a-service” (SaaS) that consolidates threat protection and management of various electronic devices (PC, Mac, mobile devices) and servers. GravityZone accomplishes this by securing and managing them all from a single console so you can swiftly safeguard all of your endpoints and stop malware/ransomware, threats that take advantage of unknown computer security vulnerabilities, and other sophisticated attacks. This makes it the best solution for businesses lacking IT security resources.

SEP Cloud‘s intuitive administration console only requires a quick 5-minute set up. Symantec’s recommended security policies will already be turned on. Here are some fast facts and benefits for SEP Cloud:

  • Industry leader in detecting new and zero-day threats
  • Streamline udpates and protection processes
  • Centralized cloud management allows users to be protected on or off network
  • Customized policies to meet your business’ specific needs
  • Stops advancing threats on PCs, Macs and Windows Server using advanced multi-layered technologies like machine learning, emulation and behavior analysis
  • Mobile threat protection for Android devices stops malware and ransomware and keeps users safe from fraud
  • Built-in device management enforces device security, data protection on the endpoint and network access policy control