Mobile Device Security


In a wirelessly connected world, mobile devices are king. When it comes to working, there’s nothing quite like not being tethered to your desk and being able to work remotely. However, a wirelessly connected world also means a greater risk for security and a greater chance of your information getting into the wrong hands. With information being set back and forth through the ether, you need robust measures to keep your mobile devices and your information safe from hackers.

Whether it’s an employee’s personal device or a company-owned device, if they’re being used for work purposes, all mobile computing devices should be encrypted and password protected. To make sure your employees are safe and their mobile devices are locked down, you’ll want to implement these recommendations:

Include clear rules and guidelines on what employees can and can’t do, and include the consequences for any violations. If you allow BYOD, make sure your BYOD policy covers the following:

  • Remote wiping software for any devices that can access company data

  • Education for employees on how to keep that data safe

  • Strong passwords and automatic locking after a short period of time

  • Procedures for lost or stolen devices

  • Required use of particular antivirus and other security software

  • Regular backups